I want to create honest reviews and editorials.

The Name:

The Magpie is one of the only birds that can recognize itself in a mirror. I want to remain self-reflective and flexible. It’s also the name of my dog.

Disclaimer #1:

We can only present personal opinions, philosophies and experiences. I do not claim to be the ultimate outdoorsman or athlete. I’m just a passionate dude who loves gear. So, if my impression of something is different than yours it’s ok. I love you.

This Claimer #2:

There are a ton of excellent publications that also write great reviews and editorials. I would like to pay my respects and say thank you to the entire community. I just want to add to the conversation. Specifically, thank you to Blister Gear Review, WildSnow, and NutnFancy. You have inspired and taught me so much.  

Dis Claim Or #3:

Magpie Gear Review is not responsible for what you do. Even if we give advice it is not guaranteed and you are responsible for your own actions.